Adding a Sunroom

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Adding a Sunroom

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A sunroom is an economical way to add square footage to your home, as well as providing a taste of the outdoors while staying comfortably inside. Depending on how the sunroom is installed, it can also bathe the home in natural light.

Designers Northwest plans the sunroom to fit your particular needs. We design and build everything from a small coffee nook or reading room to a grand dining room large enough for the entire family.

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Durability is Designed from the Start

With Pacific Northwest weather, durability is key. Designer Northwest builds sunrooms that stand the test of time, using materials that will stand up to cold, blustery winters, sun-baked summers, and all the days of rain. You’ll enjoy it all from the comfort of your sunroom where we can install mini-split systems to heat and cool the room, or tie into the existing ductwork of the home.

It wouldn’t be a sunroom without glass. While our sunrooms are designed to handle whatever the weather can dish out, a wayward tree branch is another matter. Designers Northwest uses tempered glass that crumbles instead of shattering, keeping your family safer. Double- or triple-paned windows, various levels of tint, and insulated windows are also options on our sunrooms.

Other additions, such as electricity and plumbing, can be added if needed, too. An outdoor kitchen can be installed, along with vented windows, allowing the barbecue chef of the family to grill in comfort all year long.

Thinking of adding a sunroom to your home? Contact Designers Northwest today and let us design, plan, and build the ideal spot to enjoy that morning coffee or entertain family and friends.

Latest Reviews
Reeves Ann
March 22, 2017
I had a very positive experience working with Mike Kinneman at Designers NW. He did an excellent job stepping through our large renovation project and was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Also- best quality is that Mike is an excellent communicator. I would work with him again.
Mick Simmons
October 16, 2015
My highest compliments to Mike and his crew at Designers Northwest. They are professional, thorough, talented and they listen. The results were far better than I could have hoped for and considering the complexity of the project I was most impressed with the fact that the remodel was so well done that you can't tell it was remodeled. Fantastic work!!

Mick Simmons

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